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Back To School Driving Tips For Teens

1. Always Buckle Up 

It is pretty evident that teenagers don’t wear seat belts at all times. Compared to adults, the young ones are not that keen when it comes to the use and importance of these seat belts. Based on various research, the young adult group is the category that has the lowest number of seat belt users. Despite the efforts of the government to increase awareness, this trend is still prevalent. 

It is your duty to teach your teens the importance of buckling up. Do not let them drive without their seat belts on. You should impose this strict rule because doing so will train them to become disciplined drivers. Even if the drive to school is not that long, it is crucial that your teenager is guarded by the buckle.

2. Avoid Distractions

Just because your teen can already drive well, this doesn’t mean that they can do this carelessly. It is observed that teenagers tend to use their phones when driving. They think that they look cool. But in reality, they are just putting their lives at risk. When driving, their focus should only be on the road. They should not do any stuff except for driving. 

Aside from calling and texting, eating while driving is also a form of distraction. The latter disorients the coordination of your mind and body. Talking to passengers could also distract these teenagers while they are on the road. Any activity that takes their eyes away from the road can be considered hazardous. Teach them that while they are on the wheels, their focus should be at 100%.

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