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Traffic Tips For Hurricane Dorian

The first thing that you need to do before you drive is to inspect the condition of your vehicle. One way or another, you don’t want to tackle inclement weather conditions with a broken truck or car. 

  • Prior to the storm, your vehicle should have a visit to your local mechanic. It is there where all the problems can be found and fixed. Troubleshooting before the problem comes in is the best way to overcome all the odds.
  • When the storm has landed already, make sure that the windshield wipers are functioning properly. It also pays to replace the inserts if it is leaving streaks. In this situation, you need your wiper to be able to clean the glass of your car in just one swipe.
  • Don’t forget to check the taillights, brake lights, and headlights of your vehicle. There’s a good chance the hurricane will affect the visibility of the surroundings. These illuminations will compensate for that. They can help you see other vehicles, debris, and obstructions in the road. On the flip side, they also allow other road users to spot you.
  • You must not drive in bad weather without checking the condition of the tires. The tread and tire pressure are two essential things that you must secure at all costs. Furthermore, it is necessary that you bring spare tires just to be safe.
  • Because we are dealing with a malignant force here like Hurricane Dorian, it is pivotal that your vehicle is packed with emergency kits. Extra batteries for your mobile phone, car chargers, flashlight batteries, and battery boosters are among the needs that you are going to need for your drive.

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