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Types of Car Seat for Children

Not all car seats for children are the same. There are different specifications when it comes to this particular amenity. Check the guideline below.

  • Infants and Toddlers – The car seat should be rear-facing only. You can also opt for rear-facing convertible units. It is essential that toddlers must only ride on a rear-facing seat until such time that they are heavier or taller than the prescribed weight and height limit of an infant car seat. Most of the convertible car seats can accommodate infants and toddlers of up to two years old.
  • Toddlers and Preschoolers – The car seat should be forward-facing convertible. Alternatively, those forward-facing seats with a harness can work, too. Children that are already big enough to get out of a rear-facing seat should get these car seats already. They can be used for as long as possible. Until such time your child reaches the weight and height limit of the car seat, then you can use it. The average forward-facings seats can carry up to 65 pounds of weight.
  • School-Aged Children – Is your child big enough to go to school? Then you should let them sit on a booster. Belt-positioning boosters work best for children that have outgrown forward-facing seats. They can be used until a time when the seat belts of your car can fit their bodies already. Typically, a child that has reached the height of 4 feet and 9 inches can already use the seat belts of your car. Also, it is essential that children below 13 years old should only ride in the backseat of your vehicle.

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