Tesla Model S
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Best Features of Tesla Cars

1. The Interior Air Are Clean

If you care about the air quality inside the car, then you should go to Tesla units. That the only way to go. You see, the Model X of Tesla has an air quality that is suitable enough for hospital operations. That’s pretty astounding, right? 

The Model X is capable of filtering out chemicals and discharge it outside the car. Specifically, the Bioweapon Defense Mode is the very feature that enables the Model X to accomplish such a feat. It employs the High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filtration to ensure that your air inside will not cause any health problems and allergies. It is an added quality that will make you fall in love with this manufacturer. 

2. The Cars Are Super Tough

When it comes to sales marketing, you want to showcase the best thing that your product can offer. When it comes to cars, it is not just about speed and fuel efficiency. Sometimes, it is about its rigidness and the safety of the passengers inside them.

Well, Tesla has achieved such quality. They engineered their automobiles so that they can withstand intense and life-threatening collisions. Of course, this statement doesn’t mean that the car is invincible. However, compared to other vehicles out there, we can confidently say that Tesla vehicles can keep you safer. 

So what’s the proof for this claim? 

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