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Cities with the Worst Roads

According to the report of the Federal Highway Administration, San Francisco-Oakland, California has the worst roads throughout the entire country. A majority of their streets, or 71% of their roads, have been marked by clear signs of damage and deterioration. The number of vehicles that are passing through them did aggravate the situation, too. 

To be fair, the government is trying its best to address this problem. But due to several factors, repairs are seemingly limited. 

The next area that has been rated with bad roads is the entirety of Los Angeles. One of the premier places in the world is still devastated by poorly maintained streets. Sixty percent (60%) of their lanes and highways have signs of damages. Because of these conditions, many drivers reported driving on the streets of Los Angeles. Aside from the multitude of vehicles, one of the known causes of traffic in LA are these roads.

Another place in California that is known for its bad roads is San Jose. It only comes close to Los Angeles, having a rating of 59%. More than half of their paved roads have clear signs of cracks and potholes. Several road constructions are also going on to fix these problems. But since San Jose has an extensive traffic system, they still have a long way to go.

The areas of Detroit, Miami, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin have approximately the same rating when it comes to poor road conditions. They received the same rating of 56%. The next one would be the connection Bridgeport-Stamford in Connecticut. The latter just follows Detroit and Miami, having a poor rating score of 55%. At this point, we can already say that overall, Detroit, Miami, and Bridgeport-Stamford have passable lanes. 

Following them is Omaha, Oklahoma City, and Grand Rapids. These areas have a score of 54%, 53%, and 52%, respectively. A significant number of their paved roads are still seen with deterioration. Traffic is still experienced in these places because of on-going road construction and road repairs. 

The area of Tulsa, Oklahoma is the last area that has been rated with poor road conditions. It has a score of 49%, which is definitely better compared to the other places that have been indicated here. 

If you are traveling in the United States, you might want to be extra careful with these places. If you don’t want to experience too much stress and traffic, then you might want to avoid these regions. If it is inevitable that you have to pass through them, then you have to make sure that you can plan your trip ahead of time. In this way, you will be able to secure alternative routes. 

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