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Keep Up to Date with the Latest Traffic Alerts with Waze

This list wouldn’t be complete without Waze being included here. With an astounding 7 million downloads already, it is undeniable that this application is well-loved by drivers and commuters alike.

As a free-to-download app, Waze enables its users to know what’s happening on every route without experiencing fuss. And even if you are still new to the path or juncture you are taking, the app will draw and pinpoint the direction to you. A voice-operated guiding system enables a hands-free and eyes-free operation to the app. Once you have set your destination, it will just guide you like a back seat driver.

Aside from this feature, Waze also displays other related traffic information such as vehicular accidents, road detours, on-going constructions, and so on. All of these pieces of information are displayed in real-time. For more information read: Top 5 Traffic Apps

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